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Valentine Day happy hour Promotion

Promotions aren’t just for marketing your products, they’re also a great way to let your customers know about events. If you’re having a special night, a trunk sale, happy hour, live music, or any other event, make sure your customers know.

Offer example: “Double your reward points between 4-7pm on 14th Feb

Thanks for Joining Promotion – for New Members

Send an offer to your newest loyalty members and/or customers to remind them to visit once again.

Offer example:
  • “Rs.50 item!”
  • “Thanks for joining! Here’s a Valentine’s Day treat: Get [enter most popular item] for only Rs. 99!” - Coupon

Not All Roses & Cake Promotion
Even if your store isn’t traditionally suited for Valentine’s Day, you can and should still take advantage of this holiday. Highlight your products as a great alternative to the standard Valentine’s Day gifts.

Offer example: 
  • “Get [25] free reward points with [any] purchase.”

Say a Secret Phrase Promotion
Want to engage with your customers more? Find a fun, non-intrusive phrase or code customers need to say in exchange or an offer. Additionally, the interaction will encourage new sign-ups when others observe this and want to participate as well.

Offer example: 
  • “Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and get 1 point for free!”

Share the Love Promotion
Encourage customers to come in with a friend, and/or refer that friend to your loyalty program with a reward.

Offer example: 
  • “Be our Valentine? Bring in a friend and double your reward points.”

Last-Minute Gift Promotion
Many people wait until the last minute to get their Valentine’s Day gifts. Take advantage of this and remind them that you’re a great solution to this problem!

Offer example: 
  • “We appreciate our loyal customers! To show our love, get [25] additional points on any purchase”
  • “Valentine’s Day is here! Did you wait ’till the last minute?”

Post Valentine’s Day Promotion
Promotions don’t have to end with Valentine’s Day. Be sure to continue using the Promotions feature to increase customer visits and spending.

Offer example: 
  • “Take Rs.50 off your purchase of Rs.2000” - Coupon
  • “Valentine’s Day is over, but we’re still sharing the love.”

Your promotions not only show customers how much you appreciate them, but create a great opportunity to get them in the door this Valentine’s Day.


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