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A Shop redesign can INCREASE SALES, especially of Grocery Stores. Check how?

This is the format of an old Kirana store…
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In this format the shopkeeper stands behind the counter, whereas the customer stands in front and orders the stuff that they want. The shopkeeper(s) get the stuff from the shelves behind them and give to the customers.
The shopkeeper takes out the item that is old, wipe it out and present it to the customer and thus ensures that the old inventory gets cleared. The shop can be a mess from inside as long as the customer’s requests are handled fast enough.
What the shopkeepers are losing with this shop format…
  • With the packaging of the products becoming good and new products being introduced in the market, there are many a times when the customer does not know about the latest that the market has to offer in say, Muesli. The customer continues to ask for the old brand and he is served appropriately. Even if the new brand is more profitable for the retailer, it is very difficult for the retailer to push those items.

  • The customer also does not indulge in impulsive buying, which comes from the attractive packaging or the TV advert that is very popular nowadays. Since they cannot see the products, they end up buying the old stuff and if you try to give them something new, they see that as push and deter that push by not buying the new brand or in the worst case not buying that stuff at all.
The new customer wants to make his/her own choice!
By a small change in the shop layout you can change the face of the business in many ways, here is a change in the layout. However, the changes are much more than what meets the eye.
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What the shopkeepers are gaining with this new shop format…
The customer now has the freedom to choose. (S)he may buy a
cheap or an expensive item, without any push or coercion.

All your stuff is now in the open. The customer can choose any of
the packing – (S)he will always pick the best, but they will feel that
they are dealing with transparent people.

Previously you could serve only 1 customer, now you can serve
multiple customers, increasing the revenue that you generate.

While the customers are looking around, you can indulge in a small
talk and understand them better and make a relationship that will
go a long way – even when there is rush in the shop.

Change your shop design to influence your customers to
buy more - and feel good about doing so

Start a Customer Loyalty Program

You should also look at introducing a Loyalty Program, which will
bind your customers to you more than ever before - allowing you to
graduate to even bigger formats.

At, we get you closer to your customers by
understanding what really motivates them. And then we help you
use those insights to build stronger, more profitable relationships.

Wishing you good luck with your shop!


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