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A well designed Loyalty Program has the ability to drive long term profits for Supermarts/Grocery Stores

The grocery industry has intense competition. Just like the teams in 2018 FIFA World Cup, supermart owners are constantly working on new ways to get an edge over their competitors. Retention of customers is a big concern; the most challenging task is to identify loyal customers.

Consumer behavior is also changing rapidly, they expect to be entertained and inspired when visiting a store. In addition to this experience, today’s busy shoppers demand:

ü  Convenience
ü  Loyalty-driven discounts and personalized offers based on their shopping habits and preferences
ü  Consultation with the businesses that they frequent, that is, customers want to convey their suggestions and opinions directly to the managers and owners of the businesses that they visit

To gain a stronger foothold, a store has to do much more than stocking shelves, hosting sales and calling customers.

Supermarts need to be more innovative today.

Supermarts can compete effectively by offering loyalty programs, in addition to providing superior customer service.

Loyalty Programs help supermarts to:

ü  Find out which demographic makes up a major proportion of their customer base
ü  Obtain a greater understanding of their buying habits
ü  Capture information about customers in order to create personalized offers
ü  Apply this information across the whole customer base

Therefore, offering loyalty programs can become a very powerful tool to retain customers once grocery stores find the best ways to reward them.

Reward your customers by either

ü  giving them points based on their purchases
ü  providing discounts
ü  free products
ü  special rewards that could include events and experiences

To improve the relationship further with customers, supermarts should
  •   inform about ways in which they can earn extra loyalty points
  •   inform about the places where they can spend these points
  •  inform about the actual value of the points
  •  take feedback from customers in order to enhance loyalty programs
  •  send emails to customers informing them about brand offers and motivate them to review the offers which make customers feel more valued
Supermarkets should remember that loyalty programs are not limited to bringing customers in, but also improving relationships with loyal customers, inspiring them to buy more.
Intuitive and efficient loyalty programs, such as Winggz, can encourage loyal customers to spend more while attracting new customers with exciting and valuable rewards and can even bring back profitable customers that have defected to other brands through these rewards. 
Winggz can provide indispensable insights into customers’ spending habits, and this information can be used to fine-tune your marketing strategy. This is the reason why the most successful loyalty programs tend to focus on relationship management with customers.
Well-executed Loyalty Programs are much more than just bringing customers your way!
To find out how Winggz can help your business, contact today @ Winggz.


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